About Us

+RH Industries Ltd. is located in Lake Country BC between Kelowna and Vernon BC and has been in business since about 1998/99 although not being incorporated until 2007 during those 13 years I covered everything from welding, metal fabrication, heavy duty mechanics, landscaping and even professional motorcycle riding. Starting life out as a mini bike rider as far back as the 70’s I was very well suited to become a professional freestyle fmxmotocross rider and travel the globe entertaining crowds of 60,000 plus people(read more about that in my freestyle motocross section of this web site). This is one area I was able to gather experience operating different machinery in and around my profession. Building landing’s, freestyle motocross tracks and parks for some of the best motorcycle riders in the world. Prior to that I have had heavy equipment operating experience working for a local Gradall company when I was not even old enough to rockwallhave a drivers license operating all types of machinery and being a pre apprentice heavy duty mechanic I am no stranger to heavy equipment. Most recently (During my off time from Freestyle Motocross) I worked in and around the landscape business lasting for 2-3 years I quickly realized I had enough experience to open my own company which leads me to my current situation. Summer 2007 I bought an excavator and with the ever growing demand for landscape and rock walls which is what I like to focus on along with water features, brush removal, rough and final grading (laser level), ponds and just about anything else you miniExcan think an excavator and skid steer will do. Through innovative design and quality craftsmanship we will develop your hardscape into a landscape to suit your needs. Our experience and bobcatknowledge in the hardscaping/landscaping industry have enabled us to offer consistent quality to homeowners and businesses alike. Outstanding and successful landscapes begin with creative hardscape designs that marry quality and functionality with your needs and your style. At +RH Industries Ltd. we have landscape consultants and designers that accomplish just that. With a focus on rock walls, xeriscaping, paths, steps, large stone steps and stair cases, rock work, waterscapes, ponds and waterfalls. Take a peek at some of our work in the picture gallery. We also have the ability to render photographs of your property completely landscaped in a real world photo. +RHIndustries Ltd. has been and will continue to work closely with a few select landscape companies bringing an even more diversified list of machinery too expand our abilities to cover more applications. I will keep adding to this page as time permits. Contact us today for a consultation on your next landscaping project. Also in the winter months we have snow removal services available read about that here.

Rick Heddle % Owner Operator.